PALLY Ponies is the perfect place for children (and adults too!) who love all things equestrian.

PALLY Ponies is suitable for children of all ages, whether they currently ride or just love ponies, whether they have their own horse or not. 

There is something for everyone at PALLY Ponies; a place where you can share your passion, make new friends and get lost in your imagination.  

Many children long to own their own pony, but it is not always feasible due to cost, time and the overall commitment.

PALLY Ponies understands that for many families, it isn’t an option to own your own pony. However we also know how hard it is to see your child longing for something you cannot provide. 

Here at PALLY Ponies we give your children the chance to ‘own’ a pony for a fraction of the price of the real thing. Choose one of our lovely pony characters and receive an owners pack through the post with everything they need to know about their pony.

Their chosen pony will send regular updates via post and email, a birthday card for the child’s birthday, they will post regular blogs online which make fantastic bed time stories, provide activities and resources to keep your children entertained and allow them to get lost in their imagination with the PALLY Ponies

PALLY Ponies is brought to you by Jade and Hannah, who know all too well how it feels to want nothing more than to own your own pony as a child.

Unfortunately that dream didn't come true for them until they were adults and could afford to own and look after a horse themselves. 


However, the passion and desire to own a pony as a child is a positive thing and should be encouraged, as it can promote determination, drive and work ethic to achieve your dreams. 

Horses and ponies offer so much; not only is horse riding and ownership a fantastic hobby which allows us to enjoy the great outdoors, but it also teaches us responsibility and life skills including resilience, patience and achievement.


Ponies also allow us to learn in a fun and enjoyable way, they provide an outlet – somebody to cuddle, care for and talk to, a safe space to continually learn and so, so much more. 

We really hope you can join us on the PALLY Ponies journey and choose one of our ponies to join your family.  

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